About General Insurance Agency 

We’re an agency that creates a warm and inviting atmosphere for all of our clients.  From first contact through the life of any policy you own, we want you to feel comfortable.  Whether it’s with your level of protection or the feeling you get when you walk in the door or pick up the phone, we want you to be at ease. 


Insurance can be daunting not only because there are so many different kinds of it, but because it can seem like a burden if it’s not done right.  Each step of developing a policy is important, and we make sure that no stone is unturned.  This way, when you purchase a product, you know it’s going to protect you.  Doing insurance right is not ‘cookie-cutter’ by design; it’s in-depth and personalized.  For us, this means that we have to know our clients well and we have to know our clients’ local environments. 


Consultations are a must.  Your needs, goals, and history are uncovered in these consultations.  We use what we learn from meeting with you to find just the right coverage options.  These options protect you now and in the future and always match your budget.


Locally, we’re known as a go-to agency for solid coverage.  We like this, but it’s not our whole story.  We’ve been open since 1984, so we’ve had some time to get a feel for what’s going on in the community around us.  We reach out to local organizations and participate in events to be involved, but we do it to learn more about what people need.  Whether we’re working with the Ballad Business Alliance, of which we are a member, or attending a little league game, we learn an endless amount about how we can serve our community members better.


We know that you have many needs and demands in your life and that working so hard to make insurance work for you is not an option.  That’s why we’re here.  We ask only that you give us all of the information possible when we meet with you first.  This way your coverage is appropriate.  Beyond that, we want you to relax and let us do the work.  For us, this means that we have to be all about education – your and ours.  We need to know the people, organizations, laws, industries, and trends that play into your protection.  We also need to know how to use the information we get to your advantage.  You need to know how your policy works, what we’ll do to protect you, and what you can expect.  We’ll make sure that you always have the information you need. 


We’re transparent, hard-working, and honest.  These things all wrap around a sound work ethic imbued with a dedication to others’ financial security.  We live this every day.  The beneficiary of our labors is you; we’re here to keep systems running.  Our benefit is the sum of what you give us to work on your behalf.


‘Accommodating,’ ‘professional,’ and ‘helpful’ are words that clients use to describe us.  We like the sound of it, and we know that it’s on us to continue earning these assessments.  We endeavor every day to make sure that you think the best of us and that you never want for the protection in which you’ve invested.